Neutral Host Service


Anziva Technologies develop and manage telecommunication infrastructure that can support multiple services and applications from multiple service providers – all sharing the same infrastructure. Such service and solution is called Neutral Host. The main objective for providing this solution is to improve the signal coverage from wireless service providers in areas that can’t be reached from stations outside that property or areas that requires a dedicated station do to the high demand for voice and data from mobile users. Additional benefits from Neutral Host service include: 

  • Improved business for service providers and landlords
  • Depending on the industry, facilitate the compliance of regulations and standards including public safety
  • Improved communications experience to the general public
  • Integration of wireless solutions, technologies and services
  • Improve coverage of wireless systems, providing continuous  connectivity at the required areas
  • By decreasing the transmit power of cellphone devices, minimize the effect of RF exposure to cellphone users
  • Guaranteed FCC compliance

The type of infrastructure required to implement Neutral Host telecommunication facilitates varies depending on the type of area to be cover and the environment that surround the area. Typical solutions include: Telecom Towers, Rooftops, Indoor Distributed Antenna Systems (iDAS), Outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems (oDAS), or a combination of any of the solutions. 

Although Anzviva Technologies  has experience in the engineering and deployment of all types of infrastructures, the company specializes in Neutra Host DAS (NH-DAS) deployments. DAS consist in a group of antennas installed throughout a property, all connected to a central unit for management and operation. DAS can be deployed indoor, outdoor or a combination of both. Whether it is a campus environment such as a university, an office building complex, a resort, a hospital or within a single building such as a shopping mall or an arena, the implementation of a NH-DAS will always result the improvement of the quality of wireless telecommunications services, adding value to such property in terms of benefits towards its visitors. 

The implementation of NH-DAS is driven by a common social interest pertaining to the fact that each individual has access to to the variety of telecommunications services available in the market; moreover, that each person has the opportunity to place an emergency call whenever it is required. This is the single most important added value of a NH-DAS.

Anziva currently owns and operate 13 Neutral Host facilities in Puerto Rico including rooftops, iDAS and oDAS. Most of the facilities are located in Hotels, University Campuses, Commercial Buildings and Shopping Centers.


 Engineering & Implementation Services

The over 30 years of combined experience in the Telecommunication field and over 10 years directly involved in the design and implementation of DAS solutions, provides Anziva Technologies the capability to offer Engineering and Implementation services in the following specialized areas:


  • DAS design, installation, operation and maintenance
  • Cellular / PCS / AWS / 700 Mhz  Radio Frequency bands and signal coverage improvement (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Benchmark studies and analysis
  • Site Acquisition
  • Microwave and Point to Point technologies design and implementation
  • Wireless broadband technologies Design and implementation, including: Wi-fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and 802.16 Wimax (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Structured cable design (Indoor / Outdoor)
  • FCC compliance and industry regulations
  • Wireless / Radio Frequency / Electromagnetic Field  consultancy